Student Page

This page is intended for ITU students seeking my supervision for a research project or a thesis.

Currently I am at full capacity for BSc and MSc student supervision of theses and research projects with deadline in Spring 2019.

I will happily supervise new ITU student theses in NLP (applied Machine Learning or Algorithms) in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. If you would like to do a project under my supervision, please send an e-mail with

  1. the general topic area (check what I am interested in and see if you’re writing to the right person),
  2. (if you are an MSc student) a research paper from that sub-field that you find interesting,
  3. a list of your successfully passed courses in ML or algorithms,
  4. the name of your study programme and track, and
  5. what you would like to achieve with your thesis research/what you would like to do after your degree.